We are DeLegend.

Designers and manufacturers of novel and original 3D printed articles.

Thanks to our unique system, we place total trust between all of our products and the ability to obtain additional advanced custom designs based on your need.
Personal advice gives you stability, security in your purchase and no additional risk.


DeLegend is here today. And tomorrow too.

Regular updates

We make constant and periodic improvements to our products, thanks to our exclusive 3D design department, in collaboration with all the special requests of our clients.

Dedicated support

Our technical team has extensive experience in various areas, which allows us to respond quickly to all kinds of queries on many different topics, personally and close to your needs.

A powerful framework

New technologies imply a constant development of techniques, designs and materials for new products.
We collaborate closely with our clients and share our knowledge to facilitate the changes that are necessary according to the current evolution of the industry at a professional or private level.